Rabies Certificate for International Travel – Tips

When you are planning for international travel, one of the most important documents is the rabies certificate. Often these are computer-generated and might lack some necessary information. Most veterinarians are happy to include this information if asked, and the best time to ask is at the time of vaccination.

  1. Date Vaccinated
  2. Vaccination Expires
  3. Rabies Tag Number
  4. Name of owner
  5. Owner address
  6. Name of pet
  7. Microchip Number – It is very important that the pet is microchipped before the rabies vaccine and that the number is printed on the rabies certificate. Chip type must be compliant with the destination country.
  8. Telephone number
  9. Species
  10. Sex
  11. Age or DOB
  12. Weight
  13. Breed
  14. Color
  15. Rabies vaccine serial/lot number, date of vaccine expiration, brand name, producer, type, and duration. All countries accept killed virus rabies vaccines. Most will accept the PureVax feline vaccine (live canarypox vector).
  16. Veterinarian Signature, ideally hand-written in blue ink
  17. Veterinarian name
  18. Veterinarian practice address

It is important that this information is as consistent as possible. If your rabies certificate says that your cat is “purple with green spots” but your international health certificate says “green/purple”, then that is not ideal. Breed, sex, date of birth, owner’s name and address, etc. All should be correct and match.

These tips are presented as a way to help owners smooth the international travel process. As always, check with USDA-APHIS for the most accurate, authoritative information. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel