Clinical Laboratory

Our in-house clinical laboratory features high end machines from Idexx. This means we can offer comprehensive blood chemistry tests, complete blood counts, and urinalyses, usually in a half hour or less. Catalyst One Chemistry Analyzer Procyte Dx Sedivue Dx SNAP Tests 4Dx (Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma) FIV/FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus/Feline Leukemia Virus) cPL (Canine Pancreatic Lipase) Heartworm EVESHAM […]


Neurology encompasses diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.  Pets with neurologic disease can exhibit signs that are frightening to observe, such as paralysis, difficulty walking, tremors, and seizures.  We at Evesham Veterinary Clinic diagnose and treat neurological diseases.  We start with a history and physical examination.  Further testing may include radiographs and bloodwork.  Many cases […]

Pain Management

Evesham Veterinary Clinic offers modern pain management for dogs, cats, and other animals.  In the last few decades, there has been an explosion of interest in how animals perceive pain, and many more therapeutic options have become available.  This has resulted in more comfort and improved outcomes for our patients. Medications NSAIDS Rimadyl (Carprofen) Deramaxx (Deracoxib) […]

Spay and Neuter

Spay and Neuter  Most pet owners in Marlton, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, and the surrounding area choose to spay and neuter their pets in order to prevent health problems and to reduce pet overpopulation. Definitions Spay (ovariohysterectomy, fix) – removal of the ovaries and uterus Neuter (orchiectomy, castration, alter) – removal of the testes Advantages Prevent […]


When surgery is necessary, your pet is in good hands at Evesham Veterinary Clinic.  With sophisticated imaging and pre-operative diagnostic tests, we can make sure your pet is a good candidate for surgery.  We go over the procedure with you in advance, so you can know what to expect, and communicate with you along the way. […]

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is an advanced option for treating pain.  We use a Companion Therapy Laser, by LiteCure.  Laser Therapy is an FDA-cleared modality that reduces inflammation and that results in pain reduction. Laser Therapy is effective in treating acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-operative pain. Laser therapy treatment is safe, painless and fast. Treatments to deeper […]


  We are equipped with a digital x-ray machine.  This produces high quality images and exposes the patient to less radiation than film.  Digital images are readily portable and easily shared with radiologists if a consultation is needed. We also have a digital dental x-ray machine, which gives detailed images of the teeth, jaws, and […]